Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important way to get your business ranking on Google. A large majority of people use search engines before they buy. If you are not on the first results your business will suffer. With white hat SEO the best tactic is to think like a customer. Is your page interesting? Is it beautiful? Do people stay on your page? Make sure your content is meaningful. I can help analyse your website and get you the best you can be on Google.

To achieve the best Search Engine Optimisation possible I first do a comprehensive audit of your website. I use various tools like Yoast plug in, site analysers and a good dose of common sense. I also analyse your keywords on the page and make sure they are as targeted as possible along with making sure your copy makes the most sense from a search engine optimisation perspective. I check your caching, page compression and other performance issues to ensure you are running as best as possible. After that I make sure you site map is up to date along with proper headings. Google is very simple in the regard if you don’t lay out the page simply they do not know what to search for. Linking is another technique on the page and also outside your website. I will work with you to help find those nooks and crannies to your site noticed.

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